Dr Edward Bourke

After a primary degree in microbiology did a PhD thesis on bacterial production of beta amylase enzymes, characterisation of beta amylases from various sources including pullulanase and starch debranching enzymes.   

Worked in the Dublin regional Public analyst lab as a chemist on working on food regulation and control and acted as prosecution expert witness as required.  Attended the European Union expert committee on food microbiology. Attended advanced course on Food microbiology at Guildford in 1979.

Worked on food and other standards with Institute of Industrial research and standards in Dublin. (ISO affiliate)   I provided a consultancy service to a wide range of food industries on microbiology and other issues.

Joined the Guinness brewery in 1985 working on Quality control and assurance  - developed systems and  SOPs  audited them (ISO 9000 Lead auditor accreditation)   both in house and for suppliers during supplier audits.   Specialised in HACCP studies and application - Diploma in HACCP Studies Royal Institute in Public health & Hygiene London UK, developed and Maintained HACCP in a large brewery, audited HACCP in many suppliers,   accredited HACCP auditor.  Researched application of PCR techniques in brewery.  African experience - worked on microbiology and flavour issues, problem solving and brewery capacity improvement in Belgium, UK, Ireland , Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroun, and Nigeria.  Developed understanding of third world issues, mind set, problems and training deficiencies.  I specialised in problem solving, working on crises and problems using Root Cause analysis and Kepner Tregoe techniques on multiple issues involving pasteurization, contamination with metals, gas impurities, metal contamination.  Accredited Environmental lead auditor and worked on environmental aspects of brewing such as waste, co products  and effluent minimisation and treatment.  Acted as raw materials technical lead for three years auditing grain supply dealing with ochratoxin issues and liaising with grain committee of BRI.

Diploma member of the UK Institute of Brewing and gave presentations at IOB convention in Nigeria 2007 and Ghana 2013.   Was president of the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland (IUFOST affiliate).  Wrote a history of Guinness “the family, the business & the black stuff” in 2009.